Dr Baldwin has delivered over 700 presentations on The Enigma Machine and other World War 2 areas, delighting audiences around the world from Edinburgh to The Amazon, from Poland to Panama.

His deep knowledge of the Enigma machine story, combined with his excellent speaking skills have won him critical appraisal from thousands of people around the world.

Below is a selection of comments Dr Baldwin has received about his talks.

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“The most interesting and eloquent science/technical lecture that I have ever heard”

“A born teacher in transmitting an often technical body of knowledge.”

“Concise, clear, beautifully paced, well illustrated and authoritative. A tour de force!”

“We could happily have listened to [Dr Baldwin] all day.  A remarkable gift for bringing the subject to life and holding [the] audience’s interest.”

“People were discussing Dr Baldwin’s lectures for the whole cruise”

“The best speaker we have had in the ten years of the Science & Technology Group”

“An absolutely fascinating talk – everybody was totally engrossed.”

“An excellent speaker; demonstrated complete command and an in-depth knowledge of  [the] subject, and such passion that [he] carried the entire audience with [him]”

“A very interesting and informative talk. One of the best we have ever had.”

“I’ve been on about 30 cruises, and you’re the best presenter I’ve ever heard.”

“Spoke so fluently and rivetingly”

“The most entertaining set of lectures I have ever attended.”

“Brilliant talk—we have had some fine lectures this season but your talk was the top so far”

“Succeeded in capturing the attention and interest of the audience. It clearly shows that you have studied this deeply and have acquired a very accurate understanding and insight.”

“Had the members spellbound. They were onto every word and the delivery was the best we have ever had. Thank you so much it was splendid, more than any audience could hope for.”

“Thank you so much for an absolutely fascinating talk – everybody was totally engrossed.”

“A deep and engaging insight into the principles of cryptology and engineering within Enigma machines. I heard many positive comments about the quality of your speaking”

“An excellent speaker…. I found your talk so enjoyable, informative and thought-provoking”

“Exceptionally good – huge background knowledge. Many questions but none stumped him. Never irritated, always good humoured and attentive. A truly excellent guide and lecturer and tutor. You really could not want for better.”

“Thank you very much for your eloquent presentation . . . our hall was packed and . . . we continue to receive highly enthusiastic feedback.”