Mark Baldwin, son of a railway engineer, was born in India, and spent much of his childhood in Africa. On graduation from Cambridge, he worked on a variety of engineering projects, before enrolling at Imperial College, London, on a Masters’ course, during which time he was head-hunted to be a lecturer in the Civil Engineering Department.

After 15 years’ university teaching, and a PhD, he moved to Shropshire to grow a book-selling and publishing business which he and his wife had started in 1978. A chance encounter with a book about the Engima machine piqued his interest, which grew over the next 20 years to him becoming one of the world’s foremost experts in the history, human story, and workings of the machine.

Now a professional speaker, Mark Baldwin has delivered over 700 presentations on the Enigma machine and related codebreaking topics, to over 60,000 people. He is in demand from a wide range of audiences, from cybersecurity experts and software developers at leading Silicon Valley tech companies such as Facebook, Dropbox and PayPal, to academic audiences at postgraduate seminars, executives at business conferences, and anyone who is intrigued by the fascinating Enigma story.

Dr Baldwin, who was deemed ‘Dr Enigma’ by Turing Fest, continues to travel the world with his Enigma machine, giving people the chance not only to discover the fascinating Enigma story, but to touch, press and photograph an original, iconic Enigma machine.

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email: events@drenigma.org