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Enigma, Ultra, & Bletchley Park

BALDWIN 2i.jpg

BALDWIN, Mark. The Enigma machine, Bletchley Park, and the Battle of the Atlantic. Baldwin, 2017 (new impression, with minor amendments)

20pp, 4 illns. card covers. New. Authentic and fully referenced. £3 (postfree, UK)



CALVOCORESSI, Peter. Top Secret Ultra. Baldwin, 2011, new revised edn. 210 x 145. 158 pages, 18 illustrations, biblio, index. Full-col card covers. £7

** Completely revised (much re-written) by the author, with new illustrations.

KEEN cover


KEEN, J. Harold ‘Doc’ Keen and the Bletchley Park Bombe. Baldwin, 2012, revised edn. 89pp; 6 photos, 18 figs. Card covers. New.£6

** Tells the story of the builder of the ‘Bombe’ – by his son, John, using Harold’s original notebooks.





SALE, T. The Colossus Computer 1943-1996, and how it helped to break the German Lorenz cipher in WWII. Baldwin, 2011 reprint. 17; [5] photos. Card covers. F. £3




Thirsk cover

THIRSK, J. Bletchley Park: a inmate’s story. Baldwin, 2012, new edn. 192pp, illd; index. Card covers. New. £9.50



WELCHMAN, Gordon. The Hut Six Story: breaking the Enigma codes. Baldwin, 2017 reprint.

New, amended and extended edition. xiv, 263; illd, index. Full-colour card covers. New.£9

** Authoritative account of the breaking of German Army and Air Force Enigma codes. In place of the original section on 1980s Cold War, we have added Welchman’s final thoughts on his WW2 work (a 40-page paper published in 1986), a Foreword by Alan Stripp, and a brief biography.