Dr Baldwin, together with his genuine Enigma machine, has delivered more than 700 presentations and demonstrations, across 7 countries, to over 60,000 people globally.

He has been invited to speak at universities (Leuven, Edinburgh, Stanford), conferences, schools and some of Silicon Valley’s most successful tech companies including: Facebook, PayPal, Dropbox and CNET, as well as prestigious venues such as Bletchley Park, The Special Forces Club, and The Reform Club, 

The breaking of the Enigma machine cyphers is still relevant to cybersecurity today which is one of the reasons why the story and history continues to fascinate. Those in the tech and IT security industry are especially interested in the Enigma machine and Dr Baldwin tailors every talk to suit his audience.

From tech-industry leaders, to high-school students, to academic societies, he delivers the perfect balance of history, human interest, and technical insight to create a fascinating event.

Audiences also get the unique and rare opportunity to play with, and photograph Dr Baldwin’s own, genuine Enigma machine.

Download a PDF with more details of Dr Enigma’s events: DrEnigmaDetails

Watch one of Dr Baldwin’s live Enigma Machine demos below (performed for ACE Cultural Tours).

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To discuss booking an event, contact Dr Baldwin:


Tel: +44 (0)1299 270 110

For theatre or arts centre bookings in the UK please contact: All Electric Productions.       For all other bookings see above.

Upcoming Enigma Machine Talks & Demos

  • Jun 14 2019: Gala Theatre, Durham
  • Jul 21 2019: Wycombe Swan, High Wycombe
  • Aug 10 2019: The Exchamge, Sturminster Newton
  • Oct 15 2019: New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich
  • Oct 24 2019: Arts Festival, Wellington, Shropshire
  • Nov 10 2019: Court Theatre, Tring
  • Nov 19 2019: The Town Hall, Chippenham
  • Feb 20 2020: Blue School, Wells

Other war history/cryptography tours, events and talks by Dr Baldwin:

  • Aug 28 & 29 2019: Doctor Enigma will have a stand at the TuringFest, being held at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre, Edinburgh